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The Beaches

The number one reason why I love Oahu is the beach.  Whether it is the miles of different North Shore beaches or the touristy beaches of Waikiki, I just can’t get enough of the sand and surf.  I’ve always been drawn to the beach. I grew up in Hammond, Indiana just a few miles away from Lake Michigan and Whihala Beach in Whiting.  Every single day during the summer I’d head up there applying my baby oil to maximize my tan.   It was a pretty awesome beach, I spent my high school years there playing beach volleyball and tossing around the pigskin while hitting on the girls, usually with no luck.  LOL

When I joined the Marines I spent countless hours at the beach. I’d skip out of mess duty during Marine Combat Training at Camp Pendleton and sneak off to San Onofre beach to do some body surfing and people watching.  At my next duty station, I’d drive hours from Twentynine Palms to LA or San Diego to hit the beaches. But once at Camp Lejeune, I found my favorite beach in Surf City, North Carolina just outside Camp Lejeune. There was a beach bar that constantly changed owners and names, but the atmosphere and drinks never really changed. The beach itself was amazing. If you’re a sheller, there were shells on the beach each morning. Me, I was a shark tooth hunter and this beach did not disappoint.

All around the Topsail Beach area, there were shark teeth washed up on the beach every morning. Sizes ranged from tiny all the way up to a few inches. Fishing off the pier was pretty good too. I wasn’t into fishing to much at the time but a few of us headed there occassionally to drink some beer and toss the lines out. I actually caught a Hammerhead shark one day that was about 2 feet long. I thought that was the coolest thing ever! A damn shark on my line and of all things it was the hammerhead.

When I visited Oahu, obviously the beaches were the main tourist attraction.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Waikiki beach, watching the kids jump off the break wall and the surfers catching a few waves.  But the people watching was amazing. You have women from all over the world coming to that beach, and they are all gorgeous.  There’s not another beach in the world that can compare.  I also really enjoyed Lanaiki beach and Hanauma Bay. There’s so many more beaches that i visited that I really don’t remember the name of, but really enjoyed my time there. I really can’t wait to get back to the island and visit all the beaches and enjoy the weather.