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The Lure of Hawaii…

From the moment you step off that plane and walk through the open air terminals at  Honolulu International airport, you notice something extremely different about where you are.  The air is warm and full of amazing tropical scents.  People are extremely friendly, not that over the top fake friendly you get at some vacation destinations, but just really friendly and full of that ‘Aloha’ spirit that you will find nowhere else.

I often wonder out of all the people who have vacationed on Oahu from all over the world, how many have daydreamed about moving there.  I would guess it has to be in the high 90 percent range.  I have been doing my own daydreaming for about 5 years now. Since my last vacation there to attend the NFL Pro Bowl.  I spent 17 days there during that trip and almost didn’t come home.

I still can’t put my finger on the main reason why Hawaii is such an alluring place.  I have come to the conclusion that, for me, it is a combination of several reasons. I’ll expand on those reasons in future posts.